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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The founders of the nonymus come from telecom background. With many years of VPN, IPv6 and other data security protocol experience, nonymus team started looking into ways to implement a personal data privacy solution that would help enterprises ensure that their data repository and sharing process meets the data privacy regulations.

We work really hard to protect sensitive data and every instance of data breach makes our resolve stronger to continue our fight against the cyber criminals.


Our Story

The founders of nonymus were educated in India and they started their career at large IT companies. All of the founders have many years of global work experience, have worked at some of the global Fortune 1000 companies and have been part of several startups. 

The idea of nonymus emerged from a discussion on technological challenges faced by companies because of data breaches. This first discussion at the Third Wave Coffee shop in Bangalore led to intense research to identify key challenges with personal data privacy and current day solutions that could potentially address the data breach problem. 

A month later, we were on our way to build the first MVP.

Our Clients

If you are a Heathcare or Fintech Company CxO and keep large repositories of personal identifiable information (PII) that is shared with other business enterprises, you must protect your organization from GDPR non-compliance fines. 

We are committed to protect your PII data and help save Millions in potential fine.

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