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Dive Into the New Age of Personal Data Protection

Our Services

Unstructured Data - Problem Assessment

One of the biggest challenges faced by the corporate CXOs is personal data privacy compliance. With data breach fines exceeding a billion dollar, there is no time to lose for assessment of extent of the data privacy compliance problem before solutions could besought to address it. Nonymus has the expertise and tools to perform a detailed analysis of corporate repository and provide a comprehensive assessment to the CXOs.

Data De-Identification  - POC

Personal data privacy journey starts with a proof of concept (POC). The challenge of unstructured data is that it is "unstructured". There are too many variable - different repositories, different data types (pdf, xls, png, mp4 etc.), different stakeholders, different sharing platforms, different application (MS Office, Adobe Acrobat etc.). These are some of the key reasons as to why POC is the best to evaluate a solution and assess suitability of the solution. Nonymus team has prior experience with such POCs.

Data Privacy Awareness

Data privacy is everyone's business. Data privacy should become the standard operating process (SOP) for every organization. In order to achieve effective data privacy results, every employee has to be involved in the data privacy implementation, which requires enterprise-wide awareness campaign. 

Enhanced Client Engagements

Enterprises exist to provide products and services to their clients. The data privacy journey of the enterprise must lead to improved client interaction and engagement. In many cases, the personal data is shared with external organizations and this means that data privacy awareness and processes must be conveyed to client organizations.

Redact PII With Synthetic Data

Replace PII, PCI, and PHI in unstructured documents with synthetic data that look exactly like your production data without compromising customer privacy.





We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Nonymus job begins with protecting our clients' data. This requires close collaboration with various parts of clients' organization and processes. We believe in automation when it makes sense and hence our solution deploys process automation as much as possible. Nonymus job is not done until all of our clients' data is protected. Our goal is to protect not only the data but also save the client organization from regulatory fines.

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